Square (SQ) Stock Price Prediction: Where is it heading

The San Francisco based Fintech Company has topped analysts’ ‘top-line estimates, for fourteenth consecutive time since the 2015 IPO. Fintech’s posted its revenue in excess of $10 million over the projected $478 million. On Wednesday shares tumbled in after-hours trading and were 8% down to $67.44 during Thursday morning trading.

Mixed results

More than two-thirds of the company’s gross revenue comprises of transaction-based sales. Strong activity in high-value mid-market seller segment has driven GPV or gross payment volume, and it has increased by 27% consecutively year over year.  Subscription revenues almost doubled a year ago on an organic basis that doubles the cash app’s volume. In the future, this side of Square business may become an important value creator.  The higher segment margins that are 72% in the first quarter, gross of operating expenses of recurring -revenue model suggest that revenue mix shift alone will contribute in a gradual increase in total company’s profitability.

In the case of earnings, Street’s projection is topped by $0.11 in adjusted EPS by three cents. In the first quarter, the mere timing of some expenses may help to increase bottom-line results. This is obvious that Square will continue to invest heavily in the business where user growth and new product rollouts that include Square Stand, Square Invoices and the latest version of Square Online Store over cost containment.

Overall Impact

It seems obvious that investors would have appreciated the results and welcomed it with open arms. The square stock took a nominal hit in after-hours trading. Bearish reaction initially does not seem justified by insipid performance. The second quarter guidance underwhelmed and landed slightly below the consensus expectations. Despite this, the financial goals that were set for the whole year were intact. Moreover there was an improvement in revenue guidance. The interpretation might be a bit conservative in the end succeeding the first quarter and bottom line beat and growth opportunities in the row.

SQ Stock Price Target

After the earnings report, there is a possibility of pressuring share prices. Rich valuations that set high of a bar for overcoming the stock. To get behind the name at an EV-to-EBITDA of 72x, approximately thrice as high as Paypal’s earning, investors may be impressed by the performance of the company. This may not be the case in the first quarter. Although the material weakness in the results was difficult to spot. The risk tolerant and more aggressive investor may buy stock on the dip as Square’s earnings report seems to raise red flags over growth prospects of the company. Still, shares seem to be priced for perfect accomplishment. As sq stock Price value increased nearly seven-fold in the last three years perception here may be the best course of action until shares reset at reasonable rates.


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