Qualcomm Missed Guidance, But Analysts Still Optimistic With 5G

qualcomm 5g

As per a report forecasted by Wall Street Analysts, Qualcomm 5g has proceeded its sales term with Apple. According to Qualcomm News, Qualcomm Misses on Guidance, But Analysts Are Optimistic About 5G. However, there are several other things to come from the chipmaker.

Expectation of Analysts

It is clear that the current scenario for the chipmakers are a bit difficult because of the declining market for the handset. Some analysts still expect higher earnings because of the 5G adoption that forecasts a long-term relationship.

After disclosure of earnings on Wednesday, Qualcomm’s shares slump by 4%. But it was trading up by 0.79% to $87.05 on Thursday.

Decreasing Demand for the Handset

In a recent report, Qualcomm stated that the current fiscal year they estimated a range between $4.7 billion to $5.5 billion. This fiscal position was below the expected forecast of $5.3 billion done by analysts. The reason behind the downfall is due to decreasing handset demand.

Qualcomm mentioned about its expectation on the one-time benefit of $4.5 billion to $4.7 billion featuring its settlement over payment of royalty with Apple. It added further, this payment is not part of the revenue forecast.

Analysts views on the latest report

The trudging rise of the Qualcomm shares is quite a shock despite the weak near future predictions of the smartphone industry. This gives confidence to Mr. Shamik Chaterjee, as he states that the surging growth is surely good news for the mobile network industry. According to Mr. Chatterjee, this is a good time for 3G, 4Gm and 5G capable devices. So an investor earlier shying to venture in this will now earn great benefits seeing the current situations.

This condition has also let Mr. Chatterjee lower his EPS earnings of 2019 with an EPS to $3.86 from $4.56. He also reduced the 2020 EPS earnings $5.95 from $6.90.



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