Quick and Easy Answers for Common Stock Questions

As a new investor, you may encounter questions that you are not sure how to answer. In the instance that you are stuck and don’t know what happens when a stock was delisted, splits, etc., Here is a quick and easy post you can use.

What Happen When a Stock is Delisted?

This happens when a stock no longer meets the requirements of the exchange listing. The stock exchange has a variety of listing requirements some of which include offering a minimal number of shares, minimum stock price, and so on. The failure to meet some or all of these requirements can result in a stock getting delisted from the exchange.

Reverse Splits or Stock Splits?

Reverse splits occur when a company wants to boost its stock price by reducing the number of outstanding shares, and this usually leads to an increase in the company’s price per share. And stock splits are the exact opposite to reverse splits, meaning that a company concludes that the value of its shares are at a very high price and they reduce the price to boost demand.

Overbought or Oversold stock

An overbought stock is the one that is being traded above its true value and is expected to be corrected. The best indicator of an overbought stock is when the P/E ratio goes above the index or sector. While the oversold stock is the one in which stock analysts believe is currently being traded below its true value- this usually happens when investors no longer believe in the company.


When a stock exchange calls a halt to trading stock, you’ll not be able to buy or sell any part of the shares. The decision to temporarily stop the trading of a particular stock by the stock exchange is to balance sell or buy orders and assure fair dealing. SEC can also issue a stock trading halt if they consider it to be a financial risk to the public.


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