The Best IPO Stocks to Watch

IPO stocks are a special attraction in 2019, although they weren’t as effective just a few years ago. With the new market preparing to take off and a lot of notable companies hit the market, 2019 is going to be an excellent year for IPO stocks.

Stock Market News Today – Top IPO Stocks to Watch

1. Uber IPO

Everyone talks about Uber and if you ask me, for a good reason. Uber is the leading car-hailing company that could storm the market in the second half of 2019. Back in 2018, Uber was valued at $120 billion, making the company in the top 50 largest USA companies. The expected increase in revenue in 2019 is $14.2 billion, which makes this stock all the more attractive.

2. Lyft IPO

When it comes to ridesharing, Lyft is on the top of its game. While this company is much smaller, yielding a much lower market cap, it’s still worth looking into. Analysts say that the company gains market share at Uber’s expense, thanks to their pricing and driver recruitment. Their goal is to become the public ahead of Uber. In that case, Lyft will be at a huge advantage.

3. Airbnb IPO

Airbnb takes a different approach, considering a direct listing. They plan to sell the shares directly to the public, making Wall Street obsolete in this process. The company enjoys a fair revenue, with its $31 billion valuations. As such, this company can easily take a loss or two. Airbnb is one of the top-tier upcoming IPOs in 2019, and we’ve yet to see how will it perform.

4. Beyond Meat IPO

Beyond Meat is a vegan company that makes fantastic burgers for vegans. These plant-based patties with an astonishing taste do great for the company. They grow fast and with great haste. Back in 2017, their sales doubled and within 2018, their growth just accelerated. In 2019, Beyond Meat is one of the most interesting IPOs due to the company’s high-speed growth. Source: Fool

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