4 Reasons to Sell a Fund or Stock

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There are several reasons why people buy an investment, but most people don’t have specific reasons why and when they should sell a stock or mutual fund. To take tax write-offs losses or make money, people need to sell their stock. It can be difficult for an average investor to grasp when it’s time to sell because they don’t have a lot of experience on selling stock or fund.

Business News Today – Reasons why you should sell your investment

1. The company cuts its dividend

When a company is struggling, they often see their share price fall because earnings are down. If profits fall, it can be difficult for the company to pay dividends. One of the signs that a company balance sheet is weak and there could be difficulties ahead is a cut in dividend payment. Usually, this company hardly bounces back from its financial crisis.

2. The investment idea has changed

Sometimes the reason to sell an investment all comes to down personal changes. That depends whether the investment is an ETF, mutual fund, or stock. A change in idea can be as simple as getting near retirement, and it could lead to needing to change allocation from focusing on growth holdings to investment that might pay dividends or income.

3. You need money for an emergency

If you are experiencing unexpected expense and you need money to sort them, it might be time to sell your stocks or fund. It could be situations like financial theft, medical bills, you lose your job, and economic crashes.

4. The investment suddenly goes up

Company stock can go up without any improvement in the company’s situation. Sometimes, investors will love a sector or stock and buy an ETF, even when the company’s cash flow, revenues, earnings, or other vital metrics don’t show improved confidence. In this case, it may be time to sell before it all goes down to normal.

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