Best High-Dividend ETFs

High-dividend ETFs are great for those who want a solid passive income. Sure, ETFs represent a bit of a risk but the revenue can be pretty rewarding. The fixed income yields in 2019 are historically low and we should see high-dividend stocks outperform the broader stock market. With that said, we’re going to give you a couple of great high-dividend ETFs to invest into.

Stock Market News Today – Top High-Dividend ETFs in 2019

1. Target Corp. (TGT)

The big-box retailer Target Corp. is often neglected due to the existence of giants like Walmart and Amazon. Still, this company offers a fair dividend yield of 3.6 percent, which is a bit higher than the competition. The percentage of earnings paid as dividends sits comfortably at 41%. Once again, the great fact for investors. Despite its competition, TGT’s sales continue to grow, making this stock the best one to invest in 2019.

2. CVS (CVS)

For those interested in health care stocks, CVS is one of the best in the playing field. This retail pharmacy has been evaluated at $80 billion and yields a 2.5% dividend, which is more than respectable. The downside is that it won’t double your money very quickly but the upside is that it’s a low-risk stock. In 2019, this company performs a lot better than in the past year, which is good news for the investors.

3. Altria Group (MO)

Altria Group is a giant in tobacco manufacturing and distribution. This company owns one of the biggest tobacco manufacturers, Philip Morris USA and can return back major capital to shareholders through dividends. They pay a huge 5.7% dividend and on top of that, they invested $1.8 billion in Cronos Group, as well as several e-cigarette brands. With that in mind, the company’s rapid growth is inevitable.

4. Occidental Petroleum (OXY)

As the US-China trade war transpires, oil prices are in a mess, which surely isn’t ideal for Occidental Petroleum. But, this oil giant isn’t going to kneel down as will its much weaker rivals. Their recent efforts to insulate the company from dangerously low prices of oil were successful and they can now break even. The prices are $50 a barrel and their dividend of 4.5% isn’t a bad deal, especially for long-term investments. Source: money.usnews

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