Slack’s Revised Financial Figures Announced On Investor Day (Lyft and Uber Tank)

Slack is constantly updating the public with its new financial figures. During the Investor Day presentation, an interesting turn happened. Although we were all able to see Slack showing its new capabilities, Lyft and Uber aren’t the ones that can say the same for themselves.

On April 30, 2019, when the quarter has ended, Slack decided to make some changes in S-1. Once it was represented to the investors during the presentation, the estimated revenue counted approximately $134 million. They can proudly say how they made a change of 66% YoY. Besides that, when taking a look at the statistics from 2018, it can be easily seen how the amount they have received then was 12$ million smaller.

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When talking about shares, we can realize how Class B was sold for approximately $26 in April. That is definitely an increased growth because Slack’s shares were sold for $13 in October last year. Overall, a doubled price!

Let’s see what happened with Lyft and Uber. Unfortunately, things are not going that well for them as for Slack. They have experienced dropping of even 600 points. It all happened while the trade war between China and the US was active the most. Overall, Lyft dropped to approximately $48 (6%), while Uber experienced a similar situation with the loss of 11% (approximately $37).

Take a few moments to remember what happened with Facebook and Amazon and their post-IPO tradings. It was not easy for them to get the profits from that. However, we all know that Uber and Lyft have a different politics than Amazon and Facebook. Their best plan would definitely be to invest in the most reliable vehicles with a purpose to get out of that financial red zone.

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