People are surprised as Aurora Cannabis hasn’t signed a deal with a large U.S company

Cannabis over the last decade has become a growing industry. With laws being passed each year globally about the use of marijuana, it’s no wonder pot based companies are popping up left and right. Aurora Cannabis is one of these companies. Unlike other pot businesses, Aurora Cannabis has not signed a deal with a U.S ‘giant’.

The Market Value for this Canadian cannabis company is a little over $1.5 billion and that’s without being signed.

The company is flourishing without it

Although Aurora Canabis Inc is not currently signed with anyone, they are doing just fine by themselves. This companies revenue has quadrupled as seen in last quarters report and it is no surprise as the business has its foot in about 20% of Canada’s recreational market.

MarketWatch recently Interviewed Cam Battley

In an attempt to understand why this flourishing company has not combined with a ‘U.S Giant’, MarketWatch sat down with the chief corporate officer of Aurora Cannabis, Cam Battley. One of the first and hard-hitting questions MarketWatch asked was what everyone was wondering; why?

Battley answered the question as follows;

“We’ve talked to everyone who have done deals already. We are taking a different approach.” He continues later in the interview by saying “So that’s our strategy: It’s to do things differently across our business strategy. Cultivation is one where we’re the only one of our peers that’s producing a mass scale, that hasn’t simply rushed into retrofitted greenhouses and millions of square feet.”

Battley answers the question flawlessly

In the interview,  briefly mentioned up top, Battley answers the question of ‘why?’. As seen throughout the news currently, Aurora has not signed off and is not planning to. The chief corporate officer explained in the interview, that they had spoken to other companies who signed to larger U.S companies are now fighting to get their ownership and voice back.



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