Three places in the United States that are ‘tech hubs’

As we grow globally, so does technology. In the last decade, we have seen more and more technological advances than ever. These advances have influenced others who have found and created more advanced technology.

In larger cities with greater funding, there are more tech ”hot spots” emerging. Down below listed, are three places in the United States rapidly growing their technological advances. These three places have the biggest tech hubs in usa.

Smaller Cities and States are growing

Aside from the most obvious Hot Spots like New York, and California, smaller cities and larger towns are embracing technology and becoming ‘tech hubs’.

Nebraska, usually only referenced in song lyrics and the occasional commercial is a state that is rapidly growing to be a technological hot spot.  This state not only has beautiful sights to see with their farmlands and calm landscapes, but there are also affordable homes perfect for young entrepreneurs.

As young entrepreneurs seek a new place to live, Nebraska takes them in with open arms.

Silicon Prarie surprisingly making a scene

States located within the silicone prairie are truly making heads turn as they grow large enough to attract growing and developed tech companies.

Iowa has two cities that attract entrepreneurs and technology majors, Des Moines and Ames. According to MarketWatch, “Livability listed Des Moines as one of our best cities for entrepreneurs of 2017 given its career opportunities and affordability, and it already ranks among the top cities for tech hiring in 2018”

The midwest is definitely growing and hope it will be one of the largest tech hubs in USA.

Missouri on the map once again

Another state named Missouri, hardly thought about is making headline news as it emerges as one of the greatest places to live in that offers a ‘technology hub’.

Missouri is not new news. Just a few years ago, Google created its first physical site in Kansas and has flourished since then.

Another great win is in Kansas, women in technology are regarded and it is one of the only cities in the United States where women on average make more than men.



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