How Technological Advancements Are Shaping The Millennial Gambling Scene

When online gambling became a thing, it was clear from the get-go that it would be attracting a new face to the idea of gambling. In the past, this activity was only conducted in real life buildings now referred to as “land-based casinos”. Gambling was considered a bit of a taboo and not as a form of recreational past time as it has since become. In previous generations there was little to no exposure to a global variety of gaming options, people gambled at their local casino joint. No one could have imagined or foreseen just how the introduction of the online gambling site would alter this narrative altogether. The current generation, better known as millennials, are digital natives and require gaming variety to the ends of the earth.

The internet and all its glory

Older generations have struggled to immigrate to the brand-new world of technology and the internet. This is most likely owed to their inability to accept change. However, this comfort zone has literally been obliterated and has forced even older players to forsake their traditional slot machines for something a little hip and cooler. The generation that seems to be thriving under these new climates are the millennials. The fact that they were born before the introduction of the internet but were young enough to grow with it has left them quite blasé about the whole thing. This is because they have become accustomed to variety at the click of a few buttons. This coupled with the convenience that online gambling services offer, no millennial will be stepping into a land-based casino anytime soon. There simply is just no need for that. And knowing that technological advancements are not slowing down anytime soon further cements these notions. Unlike these land-based facilities, the internet doesn’t have a capacity threshold. It can literally grant the entire world access to online gaming sites.

The smartphone is where the scene is at

The millennial gaming scene is not only happening online its specifically taking place on smartphones. It is no secret that the smartphone is the new computer, especially for millennials. The tech-native generation of young adults forced the online gambling scene to expand beyond the desktop. Any developer that wishes to stay relevant now offers quality mobile versions of their gambling platforms. APPs are the millennial language and gambling services have had to learn how to speak it. This, of course, has opened new doors of opportunity for online gambling providers. In the past, when these services were only still limited to the confines of four walls, no longer a land-based casino but a home or an office, now have no confines. Most millennials drastically favor online gambling. They represent the largest group that would prefer online casinos to be legalized and broadly have a depressing view of land casinos with 47% of millennials preferring other options. Smartphones are small and compact which allows them to leave the four walls of confinement. Meaning online gambling providers now have access to players who aren’t sitting at home. This fact has led to an increase in the numbers of people playing online gambling games. With an average of 3.5 hours a day spent on mobile phones by 18 to 35 year old’s these numbers aren’t all that shocking. As a result, the mobile gambling scene is now estimated to be at a value of $36 billion.

Developers are scrambling

The move to a digital-based gambling platform has created immense competition amongst developers. Where it was difficult to start an online gambling site in the past it is now fairly easy. This means more players are entering the industry and offering even better and more innovative gaming options. Developers need to stay relevant. As such developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt are pouring large quantities of funding to their R&D departments. Millennials are known to have short concentration spans and Fintech is not the only industry trying to court this demographic. This is the generation that scrolls through Facebook and Instagram at quick speeds. It takes a lot to both capture and keeps their attention. In order to do so, it requires developers to up their game and offers innovative, creative and interactive game variety. Of course, a lot of this is being achieved through employing more millennials into the online gambling industry.

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