A Bright Future for Data Science Grads – Best Data Science Jobs

As technology progresses, in 2019, students on the tech-oriented studies have a slight advantage. The new job market will soon start and the class of 2019 is going to slowly enter the ever-growing market. The good news is that data science grads have a slight edge that will help them find a job easier.

The New Job Markets – Data Science Grads

  • Base Salary of $95,000 Annually

When it comes to the entry-level jobs, the highest-paying of the last year was exactly data scientist. Those who finished their studies in 2018, had salaries up to $95,000 annually. Compared to young Wall Street workers as investment-banking analysts, that’s slightly higher. Next on the list is the software engineer, with the annual salary of $90,000.

  • High Demand for Data Scientists

Numerous companies around the world are scratching their heads as they try to turn data into valuable insights. That’s where data scientists are needed and because of that, their value is increased. No matter the industry, data scientists are in the high-demand state worldwide.

  • Technology is the Future

According to Glassdoor’s list of the top 25 highest-paying entry-level positions, every position is linked to technology. On the third place, for example, we have a product manager with a salary of $89,000. The only non-business profession on the list is the physical therapist, with the annual salary of $64,000.

Taking a look at the S&P 500 LinkUp Jobs Index, we can see that the job openings for the IT sector have increased by more than 4% from 2018. During that period, job openings for the financial industry decreased by 10%.

  • No Geographical Limit

Students who want to participate in business or tech-related studies shouldn’t limit themselves geographically. While some coastal tech hubs offer numerous job postings, almost every city in the USA needs a data scientist. With the high demand for data scientists, the annual salaries might increase further as we head into 2020. Source: Linkedin-Data Science Jobs – Data Science Careers

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