Wells Fargo: Two Events That Can Soon Affect The Stock Market and Watchers

The U.S-China trade tariff war has been on the news and on investors minds for months. Short-term effects of these tariffs are unpredictable but a knowledgable Wells Fargo employee and analysts predict two large events that may soon affect both the stock market and the avid watchers.

Stock Market News Today – Two Large Events to Affect Stock Market

Event 1: the Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting

According to Pravit Chintawongvanich, as published by CNBC, there are two events that will affect the stock market quickly. The Federal Open Market Committee meeting may be discussing topics and events that will harm or increase stock points.

This committee during the meeting will discuss potential policies specifically relating to open market spending and money. Usually, the Federal Open Market Committee holds eight meetings each year, and with the stress of China tariffs, it unclear how the stock market will be affected.

Event 2: G-20 Osaka Summit

Another event that is being talked about constantly is the G-20 Osaka Summit held in Japan. This event has leaders from all over the world and can meet a lot for the trade industry.

Everyone’s eyes are currently on two very important people; U.S President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. When these two important people meet, what will that mean? Hopeful investors are crossing their fingers on a deal that will lower tariff amounts on both sides.

What to do in the meantime:

Until these meetings and conferences take place, we are stuck playing the waiting game! And that’s okay! There are still options.

If you bought stock protections when everything first began, you should be okay! Chintawongvinach, the Well Fargo specialist recommends buying some sort of stock protection while they still last, as they are expiring soon.

Rolling out options is also a choice in what you can do to preserve your pockets. Near-dated options close to expiring can be sold which will be positive in light on the two meetings coming soon.

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