Best Consumer Discretionary Stocks in 2019: Top 3 Consumer Discretionary Stocks to Invest in 2019

Amazon (AMZN) growth rate is slowly declining, which means that Amazon is far from being the most dominant company in the retails sector and among consumer discretionary stocks.

As a consequence, having its growth rate slowing down, declining from 22% in Q3 of 2017 to 14% during the last quarter of 2018, Amazon is somewhat losing dominance over the market share by growth percentage in oppose to other consumer discretionary stocks.

Which retail stocks are the most profitable among consumer discretionary companies such as Amazon?

Best Consumer Discretionary Stocks: Walmart (WMT)

The entire consumer discretionary sector is not solely relying on Amazon, which becomes even more obvious when Walmart (WMT) is added to the equation.

Walmart is operating in the general retail sector, representing one of the most familiar names in the US retail industry. Walmart previously suffered greatly when Amazon started to grow, disruptively changing the way people are shopping and shifting buyers from traditional retail to online shopping.

Walmart shares are bouncing back, showing more favorable growth rates, presently going above Amazon’s 14% in the last quarter, and set above 20%.

Best Consumer Discretionary Stocks: Target (TGT)

Target is yet another company from general retail sector showing over 20% of growth in revenue for the last quarter of 2018, together with Walmart proving that Amazon is losing a great deal of market share in favor of other consumer discretionary stocks.

You need to note that Target is smaller than Walmart and Amazon, while TGT shares are also the cheapest. However, among all three, Target is the fastest growing in the e-commerce business.

Best Consumer Discretionary Stocks: Nike (NKE)

If any consumer discretionary company can take advantage of Amazon’s weakness in the area of clothing and apparel retail, that that’s Nike (NKE) – athletic apparel giant with world-known reputation.

Although Amazon has its own athletic apparel products, Nike is still dominating in this area, which is also shown in the company’s growth as well as in the performance of NKE stocks.


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