Best Utilities Stocks in 2019: Top 3 Utility Stocks to Buy and Hold in 2019

Despite the plan that the Federal Government created in order to fight the rising inflation with raising rates, utility stocks are still holding on and even thriving.

Normally, utility stocks were considered to be substitute for bonds, due to the exceptionally low-interest rates, however, even in 2019 there are utility stocks that are most certainly worthy of investors’ attention.

Here are some of the best utilities stocks to buy and hold in 2019.

Best Utility Stocks: Sempra Energy (SRE)

Sempra Energy is an industrial-scale company that provides energy services to 40 million customers across the globe, while the stocks are showing signs of recovery in April 2019 with 2.9% of rises.

With earnings and revenue growing in 2018 and continuing growth in 2019, Sempra is generally doing well, also working on expanding business services to natural gas, which should help the company prepare for sustainability and long-term growth.

Sempra Energy is also paying 2.96% in dividends.

Best Utility Stocks: National Grid (NGG)

National Grid has a market cap of 35.1 billion dollars with dividend yield of 6.0% respectfully, and a forward PE ratio set at 14.4.

The company has diverse services as National Grid operates with natural gas and electricity, running the business in the US, as well as overseas in the United Kingdom.

National Grid is also investing in renewable energy with a new venture capital unit and 250 million dollars over the course of 3 years.

Out of 16 polled analysts, 7 consider NGG a “buy”, and 9 refer to the stock as “hold”.

Best Utility Stocks: NextEra Energy (NEE)

NextEra Energy is said to be one of most stable investments in the sector of utility stocks with a strong 5-year historical chart and 85 billion dollars in market cap.

The company is paying 2.5% in dividends to shareholders, while at the same time NextEra represents the seventh company among 50 energy producers in the US with the lowest emissions of carbon.

Additionally, 80% of energy produced by the company is generated from wind turbines and solar panels.

Out of 19 polled analysts, 14 consider NEE stock to be a “buy”.


Image Credit: Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

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