Top 12 Small Company Stocks You Should Own Now In 2019

Buying a big company stock for a ridiculous price isn’t always a good idea. Those big companies can sometimes go below our expectations and you’re left with nothing but wasted money. The small companies often put a lot of effort into building their names in the ever-growing industry.

These companies have relatively cheap stocks that you can buy and get a decent revenue. Today, we’re giving you 12 small company stocks which are chosen by Forbes.

Stock Market News – Best Small Company Stocks

1. Solar Winds (SWI)

Solar Winds is a company that offers its stock at a pretty hefty price of $22.46. With their sales increasing to $171 million in the past 12 months, Solar Winds is on a pretty good run.


Want to uncover your deep family history? Or perhaps buy their stock at a price of$24.15? Both sound pretty good. With a revenue of $354.4 million in 2019, this company’s progress is undisputed.

3. HMS Holding (HMSY)

Once again, HMS Holding offers its stock for a price of $24.30. With the generated sales of $339 million, HMSY is an excellent stock to have.

4. Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD)

BWLD is a bit more expensive stock, costing around $57.86 in 2019. However, this company can enjoy a sweet revenue of $681.5 million, which is simply amazing.

5. iRobot Corp (IRBT)

iRobot is one of the leading companies in robotics. This stock offers great value, costing around $28.24, with the company’s revenue of $422.6 million.

6. IPG Photonics (IPGP)

IPGP costs around $45.04 and with a revenue of $402.7 million, this company offers its stock at a relatively hot price.

7. BJ’s Restaurants (BJRI)

As one of the largest restaurant chains in the USA, BJRI has a revenue of $559.4 million, with a stock price of $44.61.

8. OPNET Technologies (OPNT)

OPNET Technologies doesn’t have a sky-high revenue but the stock price of $37.70 gives you a pretty good reason to buy it. After all, their revenue in 2018 of $157.1 million isn’t that bad.

9. TEAM Inc. (TISI)

TEAM prices its stock at around $24.47, which is very cheap. Having in mind their sales of $544.6 million in 2018, this company has a bright future ahead.

10. Emergent Biosolutions (EBS)

Priced at $16.98, this stock offers a lot of possibilities for revenue. In 2018, the company had a good run, with a revenue of $283.9 million.

11. DG (DGIT)

This digital media giant offers its stock at $17.68 and for this price, you get a chance to get a bigger dividend, with a revenue of $256.3 million.

12. Exlservice Holdings (EXLS)

EXLS comes at a relatively cheap price of $23.08, considering its impact on the management and analytics industry. They marked a 28% growth in revenue from 2018.

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