Airbnb’s Board of Directors Get Angela Ahrendts’ Innovative Mind

Airbnb’s undertaking is to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. To advance their mission, they have concentrated on reimagining travel by building an end-to-end travel platform. It conglomerates where you stay, what you do, and how you get there, all in one place. According to the news on Axios; they must have a Board of Directors that helps them contrivance this vision and institutionalize their intentions to achieve this goal.

Hire an Innovative Mind-Angela Ahrendts

Prior to Apple, Angela spent over eight years as CEO for luxury brand Burberry. This is one of the most fashionable and iconic brands in the fashion industry. She led the company’s improvement by focusing on world-class design and facility. She also focuses on accentuating culture, values and positive energy, consequential in a triplicating of the business. All through Burberry’s resurgence, she was devoted to giving back to the public. Also creating the Burberry Foundation that committed one percent of the company’s profits towards programs that unlock the resourceful thinking of children.

Why we are talking about Angela!

Because Angela Ahrendts has joined Airbnb’s Board of Directors as our third liberated non-affiliated Board Member joining Ken Chenault and Ann Mather. That is why they are proud to announce that.

A world-renowned leader in the retail space, Angela brings to the Board thoughtful creativity. Also has brought colossal expertise in scaled services, and a craving for building community among customers.

What could be the Expectations?

Under her guidance, the today at Apple program turned stores into crowd places. While reforming Apple’s retail practice to stimulate community and unlock creativity. In her saying, “I have known Brian, Joe, and Nate for years and have a deep admiration and respect for their vision, purpose and the positive impact they want Airbnb to make in communities all around the world.”

Airbnb has said it is on a mission to build a platform that helps people with all aspects of travel. Which also includes where to stay, what to do and how to get there.

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