Best Long-Term Stocks To Buy Right Now In 2019

2019 is a bit of a flimsy year for the market. However, this volatility of the market can be seen as an advantage and new opportunities. We have tons of short-term stocks but here, we’re going to talk about long-term stocks. According to the news on investorplace; these will offer you a possibility of gaining revenue not only this year but also in the next couple of years.

Stock Market News – Top Long-Term Stocks

1. Nutanix (NTNX)

NTNX is one of the best stocks in 2019 and beyond. It’s a company that specializes in infrastructure appliances and software-defined storage. In May 2019, its shares are already up 18% over April 2019. The predictions for Nutanix are also lukewarm. Analysts say that the company has a potential of growth which exceeds 25% in the next several years. For a long-term investment, Nutanix is simply a steal-deal.

2. Concho Resources (CXO)

Oil and gas companies such as Concho Resources depend on the oil and gas prices on the market. But, this giant bases its work on the Permian Basin, which is one of the most profitable oil and gas region in the USA. The CXO ratings of this stock indicate “buy” in 2019. The company is now targeting 30% crude growth through 2020, as they capitalize on the RSP acquisition. CXO also initiated a quarterly dividend in Q1 2019 and currently, the company has a 0.45% yield.

3. Dropbox (DBX)

The cloud-based services such as Microsoft and Alphabet overshadow Dropbox by a respectable margin. But, Dropbox’s business dynamic lead them to partner with G Suite and Microsoft. This allowed the company to take advantage of cost-efficient customer acquisition, with a lot of upsell opportunities. Recently, Dropbox acquired HelloSign for $230 million.

4. Salesforce (CRM)

Salesforce is a well-known market-share taker. They’re well-known for their Einstein AI platform that marks a significant growth in the user base in 2019. Their recent addition, Visual Search, allows users to take a photo and search for similar products from the smartphone. Thanks to their efforts in innovation, strong execution, and organic growth, CRM is one of the top contenders for 2019.

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