A Brief Look on Salvage Title Vehicle

An expensive car at low price grabs attention, isn’t it? Keep scanning, and you will know the reason behind it. “Salvage title” the two small words will tell you the story.  This title indicates that the car has suffered When some kind of damage. Different types of damages that come under salvage title include flood damage, Hail damage, Theft recovery, Non-Repairable, and Vandalism. Salvage Title car is not suitable for beginners or anybody who wants trouble free car.

Issue of Salvage Certificate

Generally, the motor vehicle agency issues a junk or salvage certificate when a vehicle is damaged by accident. If the overall damage exceeds the car value (ranging 75 percent -90 percent), the insurance company declares it a “total loss” and car gets the salvage certificate. This declares that car cannot be sold, driven or registered in the current condition.

The insurance company sells the car to a parts dismantler or for repair. If the car gets repaired, then it is inspected for basic safety and vehicle agency issues a new title. The car gets branded, so that future buyers know that the car is rebuilt.

Is it ok to buy a Salvage Title car?

If you have a low budget or need a second vehicle and comfortable to buy the car instead of its checkered past, then this will be a great option. A cost of a salvage car is 20-40% less. Moreover, when the demand for the vehicle is low, the price also decreases.   These cars have reduced resale value and are more prone to mechanical problems.

Tips before Buying a Salvage Title Car

Before buying a salvage title car, you should take care of some important points to minimize the risk.

Vehicle Inspection

The car mechanic will give you accurate information about the repairs. He will tell you that repairs are done correctly or not.

Look for a reputable repairer

Reputed repairer minimizes the risk of purchasing the defective product. It is important to buy a salvage car from a person that has a good track record in the past.

Get information about the original repair estimate

A repair estimate will give accurate data about car damage. This will also give an idea about the parts that were replaced and the reason for damage.

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