What’s the Real Score of AMD Stock for Investors?

Advanced Micro Devices or also known as “AMD” has been around for quite a while. It has made its name due to its importance especially in our digital world today where everything is almost run by a computer. This is the reason why many investors are confident in investing in AMD stocks.

Stock Market News – AMD Stock Forecast

AMD is showing a lot of potential for the upcoming year as stock analysts are expecting it’s revenue to rise. Its quote is expected to be at 26.640 USD in 2020 with a long-term increase for the next five years to come. This is why it would become one of the most profitable stocks for investors. The analyst even predicted that it will be at 60.719 USD in the year 2024. Its revenue would be around +127.93%, a huge increase in the next few years to come.

AMD Goes Up the Ladder

AMD had an amazing run especially since it had done incredibly well last year with its stock going up to 50%. Its plan in releasing new products would also add in cementing its lead in CPUs. Many analysts are recommending to invest in AMD as it will continue to improve and grow. It has now reached the same level with Intel and Nvidia by making various improvements such as surpassing Intel in transistor size, making cheaper graphics cards and a more superb processor. It is indeed worth saying that it will continue going up to its rightful place in the ladder.

The Strategy – AMD Stock Price

The secret to its ongoing growth is very simple which is creating the right strategy and steps. These strategies will help it by not only surpassing its rivals but also increase its stocks. It now plans to target on data centers and separate it GPU dominance with Nvidia. This only means that AMD will continue to develop its market share making it a good investment for the next few years.

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