Which Consumer Stocks to Invest in 2019? Best Consumer Goods Stocks

Despite the ongoing China-US trade wars that appear won’t come to a favorable conclusion any time soon based on the present situation, combined with investors becoming more cautious out of fear of inflation, consumer stocks may still represent profitable investments.

Consumer goods are always in demand, as regardless of the state of the economy, people still need to buy drinks, food, wash their clothes and buy other goods necessary for everyday lives.

Additionally, sentiment for consumer goods stocks increased in the period between 2011 and 2019.

Top 3 Consumer Stocks to Buy and Hold in 2019

Best Consumer Stocks: Philip Morris International (PM)

Investing in stocks of a tobacco company may seem like a dangerous move given the fact that the number of smokers dropped in a drastic manner since the 60s. However, when it comes to Philip Morris, this may not be the case.

As a consequence, from the declining number of smokers, the use of vaporizers and electric cigarettes is rising. Since Philip Morris operates with these products as well, given the fact that the company has enough resources, PM may reach wide audiences and push their products to generate more revenue.

Best Consumer Stocks: Coca-Cola (KO)

Coca-Cola Company has some of the most well-known brands in the world, and has managed to sell their star drinks for decades now, however, as far as stocks concerned, it’s been some time since KO stocks reached top lists.

Moreover, this case is changing as Coca-Cola stock gained 7% in 2018, slowly progressing up, while the company pays 3.3% in dividends to shareholders. Coca-Cola is also turning to producing healthier beverages that seem to be catching on among younger audiences.

Best Consumer Stocks: Brown-Forman (BF.A, BF.B)

The most famous household name from Brown-Forman is Jack Daniel’s – a globally famous whiskey brand. According to the recent study and judging by some beer companies and manufacturers, millennials are turning to spirits rather than choosing beer or wine for their drinks.

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