Failed Coke Product is Being Brought Back in Hopes of Success

The 80’s and 90’s style is definitely prominent today. With old-school shows set in these two decades, it is no wonder that scrunchies, neon colors, punk music, and even failed coca cola products are being brought back!

Stranger Things has influenced the Coca Cola to bring back a product that failed back in the ’80s.

Stock News Today – Current Coca Cola Stock Prices 

Coca Cola stock prices have decreased throughout the last few years. Even though the soda company has a history over a decade long, their stocks are not showing this. Just today, May 21st, Coca Cola stocks decreased by 0.52% claiming a red color on yahoo finances.

Over the last few years, they have brought back old packaging and designs in order to cater to audiences globally. Currently, they are bringing back “New Coca Cola’ with the 1985 branding, in hopes of catching the attention of Netflix watchers.

Stranger Things pushes Coca Cola to reproduce 1985 recipe

In 1985 the Coca Cola Company pushed out a product called “New Coca Cola” and while in some locations it sold, in others the product completely flopped. The product was then pulled off of shelves and has not been re-introduced until now.

With the Stranger Things Season 3 coming out, producers brought up the idea to Coca Cola to promote their show and the company.

Coca Cola agreed in hopes of changing their imaging and maybe even boosting their stock prices.

Will Coca Cola Stocks Fail Again? Stock Market Yesterday

A question on many investors minds since this partnership and news dropped was; Will it work? Or Will this product fail once again?

As of now, Coca Cola company stock prices have been hit hard. With this re-introduction of the themed product, maybe the worth will increase. By the next month, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see fluctuating numbers that even out with the introduction of more product placements.

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