XRP Is The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest Due To Acceptance by Banks

Ripple’s XRP has been in the news for a wide range of reasons. It’s either for a new listing, partnership, development, etc. XRP news recently has been bullish, and it has helped to bring the digital currency to where it is today. Despite the optimistic XRP price forecast 2019 and XRP news, the crypto project has encountered a lot of challenges over the years.

A lot of digital asset investors, blockchain, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts see great potential in Ripple and XRP. They believe it is possible for Ripple to replace the traditional bank in the future. Ripple is a San Francisco-based blockchain firm. The firm is silently admired for the significant impact it has made in the heart of banking.

Ripple has several products – xCurrent, xRapid, RippleNet, and xVia – which are currently being used by several banks and financial institutions across the globe. Many believe Ripple will completely revolutionize the banking and cross-border payment sector, however, only time will tell how far the blockchain project can grow. In all these news and developments, the price of XRP is greatly impacted.

Ripple XRP News Today – Central Banks to Create Their Cryptocurrency

According to Daniel Daianu, an official from the southern-central European nation’s national bank, digital currencies are not a possible replacement for the fiat of the nation.  He went on to say that digital currencies are not really a currency. Adding that the role of banks in the issue of finance was established and it will outlive any other hype.

In a statement, Daianu said:

“In my opinion, these are not digital currencies, they are just financial assets, and they will not be able to fulfill the fundamental roles of currencies. Digital currencies will never be able to substitute the currency issued by a central bank. The only cryptocurrencies would be acceptable was for central banks to create their cryptocurrency but it will also be issued by banks, and commercial banks will receive cryptocurrency that can multiply.”

Investors believe that Ripple XRP will be the leading cryptocurrency with the help of its blockchain technology and focus on the banking and cross-border payment sector. Many believe the services of Ripple will replace traditional banks in the near future. However, there are few others who do not agree with that philosophy. Source: Smartereum

Ripple XRP Price Analysis – Ripple XRP Price Prediction

While the battle for the best cryptocurrency 2019 is still going on, many digital asset investors are scouting for the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019. Digital currencies in the crypto market have put a pretty impressive performance this year. While many digital asset investors know that Bitcoin (BTC) is indeed the best cryptocurrency, the altcoin market is still very competitive and open.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

Name Price24H (%)

Many altcoins have been showcasing their great potentials, making it somewhat difficult for many digital asset investors and traders to choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019. However, one digital currency that has had a pretty great year, in terms of price performance, adoption, and partnership, is XRP. The price of XRP over the past months has also been great, thanks to the bullish XRP price prediction 2019 and XRP news today.

According to the lates Ripple price analysis on ourbitcoinnews; Ripple’s price found strong support at the $0.3800 level and moved up against the US Dollar. Currently, the price is above the $0.3950 and $0.4000 mark and predictions suggest that this trend could continue and the value of XRP could keep rising!

If the pair remains well supported, it could continue to rise well above the $0.4100 resistance area!

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