Cloudflare IPO: Will Cloudflare Go Public in 2019?

Cloudflare, a company perhaps best known by content delivery network services, providing protection against hackers and making sure that clients such as PF Chang’s, Discord and OKCupid, have a fast load time.

Cloudflare IPO is rumored for some time now, while the company’s representatives confirmed that the company will have its IPO debut in 2019. However, after a private funding round that Cloudflare had in March 2019, it is uncertain when the company will have its anticipated IPO sale.

Cloudflare IPO: Estimates and Funding Rounds Ahead of IPO Debut

After raising 110 million dollars back in 2016 through private funding rounds, Cloudflare value was set at 3.2 billion dollars. With the latest funding round led by Franklin Templeton, as reported in March 2019, Cloudflare raised 150 million dollars.

However, the company’s representatives refused to comment on the updates estimates for the company’s value.

Potentially, the value could go over 4 billion dollars for Cloudflare after additional 150 million dollars.

Cloudflare Investors Prior to IPO Debut

Google’s Capital G, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Baidu, Fidelity, and Pelion Venture Partners are only some of the big names in support of Cloudflare as investors.

Cloudflare is expecting to see another funding round, which makes it unlikely that the company will get to see its IPO sale opened before the end of Q2 and the beginning of third quarter of 2019.

The new funding round has a focus on supporting Cloudflare growth, extending the company’s product range and launching Cloudflare operations, products and services on an international level.

Will Cloudflare Gol Public in 2019?

Cloudflare will very likely join the growing list of IPOs and tech public offers by the end of 2019, and most probably already in the third quarter of 2019.

The company’s representatives are yet to confirm the exact date for the public debut, while investors are anticipating updated valuation for the company after private funding rounds.

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