Stellar Lumens May Surge To $0.5 With The Help Of Pioneer Partnership

In our Stellar Lumens news today, we would talk about how the Stellar Lumens partnership and the positive sentiment in the market will lead to a Stellar XLM bull run. Right now, Stellar Lumens has gained the interest of institutional investors. This is despite the fact that the Stellar network was created to service unbanked individuals and not institutions, unlike Ripple. The new Stellar Lumens price prediction for 2019 places the price of Stellar Lumens XLM at $0.5 by the end of the year.

The Stellar Development Foundation spares no expense in promoting the Stellar network and the Lumens token. The ongoing Stellar airdrops prove this. Now, the Stellar Development Foundation intends to overtake the banking sector by offering a secure network with lower fees. A while ago, the Stellar Development Foundation announced that it has entered a partnership with Deloitte and IBM. Stellar Lumens XLM was also listed on Wirex as one of the available payment options. This move alone exposes Stellar to thousands of customers.

Apart from the partnerships with already established institutions, Stellar has also been targeting startups. In our previous Stellar Lumens news, we noted that Stellar has entered partnership a with Pioneer, an Israel based organization. With this partnership, XLM will be offered as incentives to those who participate in the Pioneer-powered contest.

Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2019

Short-term, however, Stellar must remain above the 200-day EMA if more decline is to be prevented. This is around the $0.12 level. If it falls below this support, more declines to $0.1174 and $0.1146 will follow.

Stellar (XLM) Price Today – XLM / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Stellar (XLM)

On the upside, if the bulls gather enough momentum, the price of Stellar will move as high as $0.145 and even higher to $0.155. Surging above this resistance will have a way for a new bull run.

Stellar XLM Price Analysis – How High Stellar will go?

Stellar Lumens has been on a downtrend for the past few days along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market. However, it is important to note that the price of Stellar Lumens XLM is up by 64% from its crypto winter low per our previous Stellar Lumens news.

For the past few weeks, the price of Stellar has been in the range of $0.12 and $0.13. The support level at $0.12 is holding strong against the USD. This is after the price of Stellar reached a new 2019 high $0.165 during the last cryptocurrency market bull run.

Right now, there is no saying how low or high the price of Stellar will go. The long-term Stellar price prediction is bullish against the USD thanks to the partnerships that the Stellar Development Foundation has been able to secure so far.

XLM is getting traded at 0.124546 USD or 0.00001589 BTC. Approx. one month earlier, XLM had a trading value of 0.096644 USD. So, within this one month, the value of XLM has increased by 28.87% with 0.123618 USD as a good support resistance level.

Based on its current conditions, cryptonewsz thinks that XLM can trade around $0.56 by the end of this year.

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