Best Stocks For Beginners 2019

Did you just make your investment account? Do you want to start trading stocks but don’t know what to look for? Well, that’s something many beginners struggle with. If you’re one of them, we made a list of a couple of stocks ideal for beginners, to kickstart your stock-trading journey.

Best Stocks For Beginners 2019

  • Alphabet

Alphabet is a very well-known company that was once known as Google. Looking at their status in May 2019, Alphabets is pretty imposing. Having a free cash flow of $21.4 million and $115 billion net cash flow, it’s still going pretty strong. In the past three years, their sales grew by 19% and thanks to their software, smartphone, and cloud business, Alphabet’s future is very bright.

  • Facebook

Facebook is a company that we’re all acquainted to. Aside from owning the website of the same name, the company owns Instagram and WhatsApp. Once again, it’s pretty close to Alphabet, with a cash flow of $17.5 billion and an enormous increase in the 3-year sales of 48%. We also noted the 3-year EPS growth of 69%. Having in mind that Facebook works on increasing their security, the earnings growth isn’t going to be as impressive in the next couple of years.

  • Axon Enterprises

Axon Enterprises is a less-known company compared the ones we’ve mentioned. Nonetheless, its business is far from being unsuccessful. If we look at its free cash flow of $48 million, we can see that the company isn’t that big. However, their sales increased by 28% in the last three years, as well as their EPS of 31%.

  • Amazon

This company needs no special introduction. Before acquiring Whole Foods, Amazon had slightly less cash on their sheet. Nowadays, its business simply shines. With $30 billion of net cash flow and $13.4 billion free cash flow, Amazon is a true giant. Amazon has an impressive 3-year sales growth of 26% and even more impressive 3-year EPS growth of an astounding 136%.

  • Intuitive Surgical

This is the company that stands behind the Da Vinci surgical robot. You may not have heard of it but this company is the leader in surgical robots. They make robots that are controlled by a surgeon’s hand movement, making every surgery less invasive. As for their numbers, they aren’t impressive. With the free cash flow of $1.0 billion and 3-year sales growth of 14%, the company saw a significant increase from 2014. To be precise, their free cash flow almost doubled!


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