Ripple XRP Will Hit $1.50 By The End of This Year and $589 Someday

Ripple formed a strategic partnership with PPTEP very recently. It is a petroleum exploration company that is based in Thailand. According to crypto enthusiasts, this partnership is going to be a game changer of Ripple.

According to the latest XRP news on cryptonewsz; this partnership can boost XRP’s price this year as Ripple will provide this company with remittance service by partnering with Siam bank. This has already started providing great support to XRP’s price, but to intense volatility, fluctuations are inevitable. Ripple is amazing in securing its partnerships very diligently. It has already welcomed more than 13 clients at the beginning of this year, and there are many more to join Ripple in the future. The way it has been gaining publicity and global recognition to banks and financial institutions indicate that it can revolutionize the global payment network and can soon reach its aim.

Depending on its potential, analysts firmly believe that XRP can trade around $1.50 by the end of this year and if the market volatility improves towards the end of this year, then, that can be an added advantage to its price hike.

Ripple XRP News Today – XRP Will Move as high as $589

A while ago, all members of XRP rich list were bullish about the XRP Price Predictions. At the time, those predictions, while far-fetched, seemed possible because of the progress Ripple was making per adoption of the xRapid protocol and the XRP token. XRP was also listed on Coinbase and other major cryptocurrency exchanges.

There are some cryptocurrency analysts that have said that the price of XRP doesn’t have the potential to move above the $10 level even at its highest point. However, there are also those who are confident in the future of XRP irrespective of its current price. Crypto Bitlord, one of the prominent members of the cryptocurrency community, predicted that the price of XRP will move as high as $589 sometime in the future. To support his argument, he said that Bitcoin was once worth $0 and is currently worth more than $5000. He also made reference to the fact that the price of BTC sold almost as high as $20000. So, in his opinion, if BTC could rise this high within less than 10 years, XRP can move from the $0.30 range to the $589 range.

XRP Price Prediction 2019 – Is XRP Dead?

At the same time, another cryptocurrency analyst said that the real value of XRP is $0.0043 and that the third largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization is overpriced. This is one rumor that has been circulating in the industry and it seems to be affecting the XRP price prediction 2019. On another end of the space, there are those who believe that the price of XRP is undervalued and that with time, the price would be unlike with the developmental growth.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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XRP is no longer strongly related to the price of Bitcoin. While this is meant to be a good thing, it also makes the XRP price prediction 2019 difficult. You see if the price of XRP is no longer closely related to the price of Bitcoin, a surge in the price of XRP will not automatically lead to a surge in the price of BTC. Since XRP has been stuck in a descending trendline for a long time and has refused to move above the $0.30 level, some members of the cryptocurrency community have started referring to XRP as a stable coin and not a cryptocurrency.

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