NFL Players Want to Be Paid in Bitcoin

The love NFL players have for Bitcoin started just two weeks ago and have continued to blossom ever since. This began with a random tweet from Russell Okung which says “pay me in Bitcoin.” After this, Okung posted another tweet 16 minutes later, saying how great it would be for an athlete to be paid in $BTC.

Crypto-Twitter was so happy about this that they gave Okung the necessary tools and details to continue on his journey to revolution.  In Okung’s part, he is so excited to offer the Crypto-Twitter monster what it wants. According to him, his crypto-awakening is similar to ‘taking a red pill,’ adding that he is part of the revolution.

Cryptocurrency News Today – Pomp outed another NFL Bitcoiner

After the original tweet made by Okung, Anthony Pompliano tweeted that NFL Quarterback, Matt Barkley had made attempt to pay him in Bitcoin, but it wasn’t successful.

Crypto-Twitter came up with advice, compliments and the offer of free stuff. Barkley and his teammates were offered with free hardware wallets, to which he responded that he was ‘all about @Ledger’. The most surprising was Barkley’s response to the opinion that he starts mining bitcoin, which he stated that he was already mining Bitcoin.

Okung, in his tweet stated that some players are hitting him up about Bitcoin. This is actually beyond team-mate’s interest in their friend’s new hobby. Okung is the Vice President of the NFL Players Association, an entity that assures the recognition and representation of the interest of players.

If there is anyone that can make the call for ‘salaries to be paid in BTC’ known, it is Okung.  This is becoming much easier with the availability of Bitwage and this proves Peter Schiff wrong.

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