CrowdStrike Holdings Inc IPO: Here are Three Important Factors To Consider About The Cybersecurity ‘Unicorn’

Technology has been a hot topic for investors throughout the country. As technology grows and continues to update, software and cloud-based companies rise in ranks amongst both the stock market and business revenue.

CrowdStrike Holdings Incorporated is no exception to this rule.

The Unicorn was Bound to go Public

CrowdStrike Holdings Incorporated is seen as a ‘unicorn’ in both the business and stocks world. This California based was founded only in 2011 and yet still raised $481 million in its short span. Abot 200 million of the 481 million raised was raised just last June from an arrival of new subscribers.

As noted by Wallace Witkowski, CrowdStrikes Chief Executive George Kurtz confided in MarketWatch and told them, “that the company was at a size and scale that it could go public at any time.”

CrowdStrike Surprised Watchers by Doubling Revenue

This cloud and software company is a force to be reckoned with. While analysts have noted the losses the company has gone through, the revenue is what shocks them most.

Just last year CrowdStrike noted a loss of $140 million. This number may seem terrifying but compared to the $249.8 million revenue, it is really nothing! The year before, in 2017, CrowdStrike released their reports indicating a loss of $141.3 million on revenue of $118.6 million.

As you can see, in just one-year losses have remained stable and yet revenue for this ‘unicorn’ company has doubled.

The Competition for CrowdStrike is Perfect!

Just like I said before, the technology field is booming! And probably will be for the next few decades as new software and hardware innovations are produced.

A healthy dose of competition is great for any developing and flourishing company such as CrowdStrike. One of the innovations CrowdStrike offers is it’s “Falcon Security Software” which competes with established and well-known names like; Carbon Black, McAfee Inc., and Palo Alto Networks.


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