Marijuana Stocks That Have Been Listed on Nasdaq and NYSE

The cannabis movement further brought a huge uprising in the US. Businesses involved in the cannabis industry are now standing neck to neck with various time tested companies. This is something exciting for people who are focusing on Marijuana related stocks. Now they can see Marijuana related stocks on NYSE and Nasdaq. Uruguay, as well as Canada, are now allowing weed sales for the use of adults. Along with this, there are 40 more countries that have further started supporting the use of medical cannabis. In the US alone there are 33 states that have allowed the use of medical cannabis. Around 10 states in the US have passed legislation to allow the use of Marijuana.

A big revolution in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has witnessed a revolution and people are seriously considering it as a possible business venture. Pot stocks have now reached Wall Street and they are rubbing their shoulders with various well-known stocks. State legislatures and their legalization have further made the road easier for them. It started in the year 2016 and today these marijuana stocks are going the IPO way with ease. They can easily apply for Initial Public Offering and focus on listings in US Exchanges. Companies can either opt for Nasdaq or NYSE. Interestingly, there are various marijuana stocks that have uplisted through OTC exchange.

Going on the US Exchange brings in Investor faith

Featuring on a well-known exchange further brings in lots of advantages. It helps in gaining recognition and provides higher liquidity. This leads to lesser volatility and brings in convenience for the investors. Once a stock starts featuring on the Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange then the road becomes easier for investors to get returns from mainstream Marijuana stocks.

Marijuana stocks motivate others to follow the path

When a company is further listed along with reputed businesses then it encourages firms from Wall Street to start coverage. Some of the prominent Marijuana stocks that have found a place on the US exchanges are HEXO, Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, OrganiGram Holdings and Innovative Industrial Properties.

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