UBER Earnings and Loss Report 2019

In its first report since IPO, we will be able to see Uber disclosing a quarterly loss which will be worth more than $1 billion! This was surprising because, at the times when that was announced, it definitely seemed like how those days were very slow for all sorts of corporate earnings.

So, what really happened with UBER? When we take a look at the statistics, we can easily see how their stock has failed when it comes to trade which is higher than $45. Of course, we are talking about the pricing level of the stock of its initial offering. Stocks of UBER went to an amount of $41.51.

Nevertheless, after that, we were able to see how Uber has disclosed ahead of the IPO, where everyone expected for it to lose more than a billion dollars just in the first quarter. So, the net revenue would be from a little bit more than $3 billion to $.3.10 billion. Yet, in the previous year, Uber has reported how their company has gained a lot of money, approximately $3.75 billion (coming from the revenue of a little bit more than $2.5 billion).

And what about the losses? As it is believed, those will definitely be monstrous, but, everyone is certain how it won’t have enough time to happen because of IPO. How is that possible? Probably because their report was closed back on March 31.

What did Uber say in its pre-IPO disclosure? This company claimed how they have expected gross bookings worth more than $14.50 billion. What does that amount say about the company’s ride-sharing platform? We are able to realize how their earnings are mostly coming from their East food-delivery business.

What do you think about the business of this company? How will marijuana business change in a few years? Or, better said, will it change somehow?

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