Why Slack Changed Its Stock Ticker Weeks Before Its Expected IPO

Why Slack Changed Its Stock Ticker Weeks Before Its Expected IPO

Slack Company and Its Services

Slack is a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services company that is American based. The company was founded by Stewart Butterfield. SLACK stands for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”. Slack provides the opportunities for communities, groups, and teams to join through a specific URL or invitation sent by a team or owner. The company, Slack has a stock ticker as well.

What a Stock Ticker is?

A stock ticker is usually a report of the price for certain securities. The stock ticker has usually updated, continuously throughout the trading session on the stock market. This ticker also has a ticker symbol, quantity traded, price and the net price change.

The Stock Ticker (WORK) as Opposed to the Stock Ticker (SK)

Slack being a workplace collaboration company has decided to change its stock ticker before going public. This decision was based on what the company is all about “workplace collaboration”. “SK” as a stock ticker was not expressive of what the company does. Hence, the more descriptive stock ticker “WORK”. Although it is not entirely clear why the company has changed its stock ticker. It has inferred that the company needed something that stood out.

Slack, Salesforce, and Stock Ticker

Slack is not the only company that has used a stock ticker that reveals more about the company than just their names. A company by the name Salesforce has a stock ticker “CRM” which connotes Content Relationship Management. CRM was the software that Salesforce has started out with. So it has decided to go with the name that expressed its brand. Another company that has enlisted in the companies that have a very descriptive ticker symbol is Atlassian which operates under the ticker symbol “TEAM”. Interestingly, Atlassian holds a stake in Slack. The combination of Slack and Atlassian is  “TEAMWORK”, which is indeed a sublime combination of stock tickers.


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