Alibaba Is Now Weighing More Than $20 Billion – The U.S. IPO Is Smashed!

Alibaba Group Holding has a plan of raising $20 billion in Hong Kong through the second listing. The U.S. tensions are still escalating, but it seems like how Alibaba will try everything to become even more friendlier with all big investors worldwide. Will it really?

This successful e-commerce company has been working with financial advisors whos name we don’t know because they wanted to stay private.

So, when will be able to see their file listing in Hong Kong? According to the latest news we have discovered about Alibaba Group Holding, they plan to make it happen until the end of 2019. Their main purpose first is to boost liquidity and make their funding channels much bigger. Yet, these plans are not completely set, Alibaba claims how their company has to think about a lot of other things as well.

We are all the witness of constant tension between Washington and Beijing. Yet, that won’t cause Alibaba Group Holding any harm, or at least, not yet. They claim how they are completely satisfied with their valuation on Hong Kong’s market, but they also strike to make it even better.

Nevertheless, the news came. Alibaba raised an incredible amount of $25 billion in NY City! That was definitely the largest sale ever coming from Hong Kong. Will that amount become even bigger with time? We believe how it will. For example, when we take a look at the statistics from March, we are able to see how this Asian giant had $30 billion in cash. Therefore, it is not that hard to make a conclusion. The only problem may be their tensions with Washington.

Have you heard how Huawei also had numerous problems lately? Is it possible how the same situation may happen to Alibaba Group Holding as well?

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