Beyond Meat, Lyft, And Uber Are 2019s Golden Children IPOs

Beyond Meat, Lyft, and Uber have something very similar to each other; their successful IPOs. The three companies are vastly different. While these three stocks may have some similarities between each other they are most definitely not similar enough to be nearly identical.

Beyond Meat plays in the processing and food industry while Uber and Lyft are more technology based.

How Is Beyond Meat Doing This Year?

As of recently Beyond Meat stocks have been doing amazing! This company is expected to succeed and surpass both Lyft and Uber whos companies have had strong years so far.

Beyond Meat has been estimated to have risen 244% since May 1st, a whole month ago. As of last Tuesday’s close, Beyond Meat has done well and only gained points and percentages.

Analysts are heavily recommending on investing in this ‘Golden Child’ IPO.

Lyft And Uber Failing Compared to Beyond Meat

The plant-based meat company has been surprising investors by surpassing both Lyft and Uber in the last closing. All three IPOs have only been public as of recently and have decent numbers.

Uber was doing rather well until they fell 9% leaving investors furious at the red marks on the chars. Lyft is in the same boat as they ride-sharing application company went down 21%

According to Morgan Stanley, “The ride-sharing giant went public on a day where renewed trade tensions caused the Dow to fall as much as 700 points. Shares of the company fell 8% on their first day of trading, and have not yet recovered.”

What Other IPOs Are Going Public Soon?

Uber, Lyft, and Beyond Meat are not the only ones expected to go public soon. Slack, Casper, and WeWork are expected to go public later on this year and may be competing with each other in their sectors/industries. SoftBank and Vision Fund are rumored to potentially become public as well.


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