Zuora Stock Tanks Fell Down – Revenue Outlook Is Now Lowered

Zuora Inc.’s shares have fallen down for an incredible 25%. It definitely seems like how their management software business became much weaker than they have planned for this year.

The company of San Mateo has unfortunately experienced stocks dropping to even $14.72. It all happened after Zuora Inc. has announced how they expect the revenue to be almost $275 million by the end of this year.

What Wall Street analysts said about that expected revenue? Their expectation was somehow higher and went up to an amazing amount of $292 million! As we can see, that is not what happened.

The company went public previous year in April and we are able to come to a conclusion how this is definitely their lowest share since then. When Zuora went public, the price of the share was $14 per one.

At the beginning of 2019, everything looked positive for this company and they have literally doubled the price of the share and made it worth $37.78. That was the moment when no one doubted about their success, yet, and unfortunately, they have experienced unpleasant surprise.

From the second half of this year, Zuora’s stock prices dropped sharply leaving them worrying about the future.

Zuora was founded back in 2007 by the former marketing officer called Tien Tzuo. He worked at Salesforce.com Inc. before he has decided to open up his own company.

We believe how this ex-chief will need to come up with some strong future plans because Zuora has already lost more than $20.6 million.

Wall Street analysts believe how the shares of this company will drop down by 13%, and since now, they have dropped approximately 11%.

What will happen with Zuora Inc. in the future? Do you think how the price of their shares will become strong once again as those were in the first part of 2019?

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