The Best Stocks For Long-Term Investments

In one of our past articles, we talked about the best stocks in the last 10 years. This time, we’re going to take a look at some of the best stocks in the last 5 years with the help of Kiplinger news. The prediction is that these stocks are also great for some long-term investments so let’s not waste any precious time and jump on the topic.

Stocks With The Best 5-Year Performance – Top Stocks For Long-Term Investments

  • Netflix (NFLX)

This company needs no special introduction. Netflix redefined what it means to stream video, thanks to their all-around platform that counts millions of users around the world. With exactly 146.5 million subscribers, Netflix holds around 51% of the US streaming market. The next company is Amazon Prime, with its 33% share, which is nowhere near Netflix. Although this stock costs around $360, it’s worth every dime!

  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ)

If you love investing in the health sector, Jazz Pharmaceuticals is a great company to have in your portfolio. Some of their most popular drugs increased the company’s revenue, such as Luvox, Xyrem, and JZP-6. These days, the company is all about cancer treatment and their drug for that purpose, Defitelio. With the cost of the stock of $135.70 and their huge revenue increase in the last 5 years, there’s no reason not to buy it.

  • Abiomed (ABMD)

Abiomed saw a major breakthrough when it first introduced the first artificial heart to the market in 2015. Before 2015, Abiomed wasn’t such a smart investment. Nowadays, it’s one of the best companies from the health sector, with a total market value of $14.3 billion. Back in 2018, the company saw a 33% jump in revenues power and about 74% increase in operating income.

  • Domino’s Pizza (DPZ)

Domino’s Pizza is one of the largest pizza chains in the US. Although the company was founded in 1960, it went public back in 2004. This company is very good at advertising and this is one of the main reasons it bullishly surged towards greatness. In the past 5 years, the company saw a significant advance of around 2,000%, with a market value of $10.2 billion.


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