CrowdStrike IPO: Everything You Should Know About CrowdStrike Ahead of Its IPO Debut

CrowdStrike cybersecurity is definitely one of the most-talked-about tech IPOs in the last several months, increasing momentum as the time of CrowdStrike public debut is getting closer.

Among the list of underwriters for CrowdStrike that should go public on Nasdaq under the thicker CRWD, are Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and Barclays.

CrowdStrike IPO: Estimates, Valuation and Share Price

Based on the latest IPO evaluation for CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity unicorn may be worth up to 4.5 billion dollars. The previous valuation for CrowdStrike IPO was set at 3 billion dollars.

The company is planning to issue 18 million shares respectively, with 2.7 million shares in addition to the initial number of shares. Each share should be priced between 19$ and 23$ according to the official SEC filing that went public on Wednesday during the last days of May.

In case that CrowdStrike would start their IPO sale at 23$, at a higher end of valuation, the company could be valued at 4.59 billion dollars.

CrowdStrike IPO and Private Funding Rounds

Since 2011 when the company was founded, CrowdStrike managed to raise 481 million dollars in private funding. The company is also hoping to raise 476.1 million dollars through their IPO offer.

The latest funding round from private investors topped 200 million dollars, which gave the company an estimated value of 3 billion dollars.

CrowdStrike Has Dual-class Shares and Profits

CrowdStrike will issue class A and class B shares, providing B class holders with 10 votes per share.

Additionally, the cybersecurity unicorn reported doubled revenues, recording 140 million dollars in losses on revenue of 249.8 million dollars, concluded with January 31st, 2019.

The previous year was far less profitable, as CrowdStrike reported 141.3 million in losses on revenue gains set at 118.6 million dollars. Subscription revenue for the fiscal year 2019 reported 219.4 million dollars in oppose to the last year metrics recording 92.6 million.


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