In What Way Can Atlassian Benefit From Slack’s IPO?

We were all able to hear and see how much talk came about the upcoming Slack IPO. Slack clearly realized how their company is able to earn so much money if they decide to sell their shares in a proper moment.

Yet, that is not the only story coming from ‘the world of investments’, but people also talk about how Atlassian may also be the one to get all the benefits they want and need from Slack’s IPO.

A quick reminder for those who don’t know – Atlassian partnered up with Slack last year and the company got a product alliance and a small equity stake. Everyone believes how their equity stake will very soon rise in value and how that may bring a lot of fortune to Atlassian, yet, the company will benefit even more from their partnership with Slack.

When it comes to Atlassian, we must say how their company now has a market capitalization which is bigger than $30 billion! This company is oriented to creating software which helps different sorts of business teams to collaborate and communicate on proper levels.

Countless new all around the globe talk about the issues Atlassian and Slack had earlier. These two competitive companies had some ‘personal’ problems, but after they have solved those in their own ways, companies have decided to work on upgrading their products and services together.

So, how much money can Atlassian get from Slack’s IPO? There have been a lot of various speculations about that forecast, but we believe how the number may climb even up to $24 million, which is how much the position of Atlassian in Slack’s partnership may be worth.

What do you really think about this situation? Do you believe how Slack won’t ever decide to partner up with Atlassian after this? Or is it a normal situation we could all expect to happen?

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