Slack Revenue Went Up For An Amazing 67% While Preparing Stock Listings

Why Slack Changed Its Stock Ticker Weeks Before Its Expected IPO

Slack is prepared to go public in less than 20 days (on June 20). We can now easily see how when it comes to the company’s first quarter financial results, a huge growth can be seen and a few losses they are still able to work on. We definitely now know how Slack will improve their results even more soon and easily!

When we take a look at the report from April 30th, we can see how this company has lost $31.9 million in just 90 days, which is almost 30% more compared to the previous year.

Now, we are able to see how the company’s revenue for this quarter has grown to an incredible number of 67%. That is $134.8 million! We believe how that happened because Slack had 95,000 of paid customers which brought this company an increase of 42%.

Unfortunately, this is still not enough to be compared to all those successful tech unicorns. For example, Uber Technologies Inc. has the largest IPO of the year, counting an incredible amount of $8.01 billion.

Nevertheless, we still believe how Slack has a huge chance to become a part of New York Stock Exchange listing very soon. For example, we made this conclusion starting from an idea of how current holders have a huge need to sell Slack’s shares in these times.

When asked, Slack’s representatives claimed how shares are now traded privately in amounts of $21 to $31 per share.

We believe how Slack will realize what to do and make the right move because even some of the best financial advisers, like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Allen & Co. which are on Slack’s listings expect to share more than $220 million in fees.

The symbol WORK will be put under the trade.

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