Beyond Meat Has Influenced These Start-Ups To Expand Like Them

Beyond Meat has towered over the competition this month as its IPO soared within the first week. This plant-based company was able to surpass the falling numbers of both Uber and Lyft. With Beyond Meat doing so well, other companies have followed suit hoping to have just as positive results.

Listed below are three companies heavily influenced by Beyond Meat:

1.Memphis Meats


One of the companies following in the footsteps of Beyond Meat is Memphis Meats. The interesting thing about the company is its ability to produce ‘cultured-meat’ created in a bioreactor. They have plenty of investors lined up and ready to take a chance on the environmentally friendly company.

These investors include big names like; Tyson Foods, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson.

2.Clara Foods

Yet another company inspired by a healthy company taking over the stock market is Clara Foods. This business primarily focuses on creating and producing safe and delicious animal-free protein products. Clara Foods at the moment has focused their energies of recreating egg-white proteins without actual eggs.

Investors and analysts predict this startup to do well in the long run as meat and animal substitutes continue to rise in popularity. The website, the fool reports that not only will Clara Foods focus on proteins but also, “is also exploring other uses for its products, including beverages, baking ingredients, and more.”

3.Impossible Foods

Beyond Meat has one main competitor in the alternative meat field and they are Impossible Foods. The company, Impossible Foods is beginning to gain enough popularity, revenue, and traction to place their startup on the market.

This company grew extensively in popularity recently as they were able to genetically engineer yeast which was used in their plant-based meat proteins. Another growth came from the partnership with Burger King and the introduction of the ‘Impossible Whopper”.

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