Bitcoin Is The Best Startup Ever, Forget The Overhyped Billion-Dollar Tech Unicorns

2019 has been a busy year for hot tech IPOs – Uber, Pinterest, Beyond Meat, and Lyft have headlined new tech companies coming to the market. More tech companies such as Slack, Airbnb, and WeWork are also rumored to be listing their shares later in 2019.

However, there is a dark side to this tech goldmine. Insiders are making huge profits while dumping high-priced, risky stock to average traders. In several cases, these insiders include private fund managers and venture capital investors. But with Bitcoin, the situation is different as it’s a startup that doesn’t make the rich even richer.

Bitcoin is the most democratic startup ever

Once a startup plans to go public, it quickly gets crowded by early wealthy investors. Also, the government makes it difficult for the ordinary individual to invests in a startup unless they are (wealthy) accredited investors. However, bitcoin was open to everyone. You could be a teenager, living in a developing country, or unemployed, and you’ll still be able to be a part of it. No government agency, bankers could keep any investors out of bitcoin.

Recent IPOs of tech startups have been financial wrecks

In the past, tech startup only came public when they were profitable. But these days, the VCs are getting greedier and dumping startups on the market while they are burning millions of cash. This absolutely puts a different perspective on the arguments that because bitcoin is not generating profits, it is worthless. It is puzzling how these same people bash bitcoin while they promote money-burning infernos like Lyft and Uber.

No matter the bitcoin future, it has already accomplished plenty

With a pattern breaking new tech like bitcoin, it is challenging to forecast with certainty where we’ll end up in the near future, but no matter what, bitcoin is already more valuable than just about any other startup. It relies on the community, lets ordinary folks in on the ground floor, and democratized a new technology.

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