Slack Reveals IPO Share Price: 28$ Per Share Would Give Set Slack’s Value to 16.7 Billion Dollars

Slack updated their IPO filing during the first days of June, revealing that the day when the tech unicorn is going public is getting closer. The company updated Slack IPO date, alongside revealing details on DPO – direct public offer as Slack chose to go public under DPO model.

What to expect from Slack IPO based on the latest financial reports the company submitted with their updated S1 filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission?

Slack Reveals IPO Date: Slack to Go Public in June 2019

One of the favorite virtual workspaces, Slack, finally confirmed the official date for their IPO, as stated in the latest update of Slack IPO filing.

Apparently, the company will go public under the thicker WORK and should become a publicly traded company on June 20th, 2019. Additionally, Slack is choosing to go public through DPO, directly offering Slack shares to the public without the intervention of underwriters.

Slack is one of the rare tech unicorns to do so, while DPO was also the choice made by Spotify Technologies for their own public debut.

Slack IPO Share Price and Number of Shares

The messaging workplace that works based on premium subscriptions to generate revenue, didn’t officially revealed the share price target, however, it is known that there will be 118,429,640 shares issued by the company.

Another available information that could potentially reveal the target share price lies in the case where some Slack investors are getting up to 28$ per share for selling their holdings ahead of the official IPO date. The price of 28$ per share would give set Slack’s value to 16.7 billion dollars.

Slack IPO Estimates, Valuation and Finances

According to CNBC, Slack has been evaluated to 17 billion dollars in the secondary market, prior to the public offer back in April 2019.

When it comes to financial reports of the company, Slack is still losing money, recording 134.8 million in revenue for the last quarter concluded with April 30th, 2019 with net loss by 31.9 million dollars, increased from the last year’s losses as well as showcasing increase in revenue by 66% year to year.


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