Who Is Coming Down The IPO Next? (Postmates, Peloton, WeWork…)

We believe how everyone was waiting for Uber’s IPO to be out of the way, so the other unicorns can take their chances.

Let’s start with Peloton. It seems like how this indoor exercise startup company is thinking about going public until the end of 2019. The company has already filled all confidential paperwork needed with a purpose to get its public offering. Of course, Exchange Commission and Securities were involved in that process too. Peloton has doubled its valuation from the previous year, and we can now see how they have $8 billion valuations. Who will lead its offering? We believe how that will be J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.

What is the next unicorn that will be coming down the IPO? That would definitely be Airbnb. The company was found back in 2008 and their business is providing help for San Francisco rent payments. Now, Airbnb is worth an incredible $31 billion! This company will opt for a direct listing instead of classic IPO.

Casper is the third company that will finally try its chances on the market. If they take their chance this year, Casper will definitely be the youngest unicorn seen to achieve that. The company has raised more than #340 million in the fund.

Cloudflare is a cybersecurity company which is worth more than $330 million. They are ready to lead the 2019 IPO as well!

This February, Postmates, a startup company worth $1.85 billion, has filled all its confidential paperwork and is ready for this year’s IPO. When asked what they expect because of their unprofitability, a CEO and co-founder of Postmates, Bastian Lehmann, has answered how he believes that the company deserves to go public and how 2019 seems perfect for that.

The other companies that will try themselves as well are Slack, WeWork, Palantir, Medallia and many others…

Stay tuned, more info coming soon!

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