The Fastest Growing Unicorn Is Definitely CrowdStrike

In the next week, we will be able to see numerous investors interested in taking their place in CrowdStrike’s IPO. CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity company which can now be very proud of its triple-digit revenue growth.

It is believed how this successful company will raise approximately $522 in the next week’s IPO. They have already set a ticker for that event (CRWD) and the price will come on Tuesday while trade can be expected to start on Wednesday.

CrowdStrike was founded back in 2011 which makes this company very young. Their core mission was and still is to completely reinvent cybersecurity world and prepare it for the cloud era.

We were all able to hear for at least a few times how the future of technology will change a lot with artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

The new category CrowdStrike is working on so hard will be called Security Cloud. They also claimed how the company works in a similar way as Workday or are.

The IPO price of this cybersecurity giant has definitely raised a lot. The company is now offering 18 million shares. The price per each will range from $28 to $30.

When we take a look at the previous range of this company, we can easily come to a conclusion about how the prices have increased for an amazing 38%. For those who don’t remember, their shares have been valued from $19 to $23 in the past.

Institutional investors are very interested in CrowdStrike and looking forward to the upcoming IPO week. This unicorn can proudly say how they have gained $144 million fast.

The market valuation expected to be set for CrowdStrike will be a little bit more than $5.6 billion.

Can we already clearly see how will the upcoming IPO week look like? It seems like how CrowdStrike is really confident about their next move.

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