Helpful Innovations: How Tech is Boosting the Restaurant Industry

We are currently living in an era of incredible digital innovation, where people alive today have lived through not one but several tech revolutions — from smartphones to smarthomes, the paradigm keeps changing. Industries have been “disrupted,” decimated or born out of thin air. Decades ago, who could have ever imagined that offering people a free platform to connect with friends could be profitable, never mind generating many billions of dollars?

Technology has clearly changed the game, and people have taken notice. Here is how the restaurant industry is making use of the latest innovations to give their bottom line a needed boost.

Employee Scheduling Software

Now there is software designed specifically to reduce the time it takes for restaurants to create work schedules that everybody loves. This can otherwise be a frustrating and time-consuming task since there are so many moving pieces to factor in.

This software uses both automation and manual inputs to produce schedules that take into account everybody’s availability, shift preferences and more in as much as 80% less time than it would otherwise take.

But this software does a lot more than just create great schedules. It also connects with your POS system, meaning it can give actionable intelligence to your managers and executives. Employee scheduling software also streamlines communications for all your staff, has a secure and convenient time-clocking feature, and lets employees request days off remotely from their phone.

This is a very sophisticated and new technology, so learn more at 7shifts to see all the other ways employee scheduling software can give your restaurant a boost today.

Mobile and Online Ordering

First, you had to tell someone face to face what food you wanted to eat, then this conversation got transferred to phones, and now you don’t even need to talk.

Ordering from restaurants online has been a game-changer, as now a few taps on your smartphone or some clicks from your computer’s mouse are all you need to do to arrange for food delivery. Easing the process for placing an order is a proven way to increase business, as it reduces the hurdles in the way of making payments and purchases.

Ride-Share Delivery Services

“Ride-share” companies don’t only transport people now, but food! This has helped many restaurants effectively have their own delivery service, without having to pay the costs or set up the infrastructure themselves.

It’s not only pizza parlors shipping pies but all kinds of other restaurants that historically weren’t big on food delivery. There can be really big money in food delivery — in 2018, Canadians ordered $4.3 billion worth of takeout, one billion of which came from meal delivery apps.

Restaurants still rely on its foundations, like providing excellent customer service, serving delicious food, and doing everything possible to make sure patrons have a memorable experience. Technology has given them new tools to grow their business and improve operations, and the adaptive ones have found smart ways to incorporate these innovations.

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