The Crypto Industry celebrates Ethereum’s 4th birthday

Yesterday on July 30th, the global blockchain community came together to wish Ethereum a happy birthday. Today marks four years since the most popular blockchain network for decentralized applications launched its mainnet

Ethereum came to market with innovative smart contracts, a new coding language Solidity and an infinite number of applications. From the introduction of token crowdfunding (ICOs), to Crypto Kitties, and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, the network proved itself to be a catalyst for progress in the blockchain industry.

There is a long journey ahead to create the decentralized web which Vitalik has proposed to the community, but considering that we are only 4 years into the journey, with so much already accomplished, the potential for social and financial impact seems inevitable. 

Keeping up with Ethereum the last few years has been a wild ride, and despite the pressure that the network encountered earlier this year towards scaling with Proof of Stake, yesterday the community came together to in sending their good wishes to Ethereum. 

And crypto Twitter was no exception! 

The “Father” of Ethereum, Vitalik posted on Twitter:

Leigh Cuen of Coindesk wrote about inclusion and development in the blockchain community. She also featured Vitalik’s mom and #CryptoChicks co-founder Natalia Ameline.

Is it really a crypto-twitter party without a little controversy?

And blockchain companies a cross the board got in on the celebrations:

While Ethereum fueled the wildness of 2017’s ICO craze, there is a long journey ahead to creating the decentralized future which Vitalik and co. envisioned. There has been a lot of pressure put on the ethereum developers to meet scaling demands, but it is still so early in the process and I hope we can stay patient as a community. The potential impact in social and finance systems from DAPPs is huge but we are still only 4 years into the journey. The BUIDL phase for Ethereum is still underway and while the scaling challenge is huge, in time we will get there. Much of the focus in blockchain now has rightly turned to the infrastructure layer, but i’m excited for DAPPs time to shine again to see the creativity of the industry truly shine.


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