Bitcoin Is Bullish Again: Gain Your Profits with Bexplus

Bitcoin has been trading sideways for the last several weeks. Some investors expected that bitcoin is consolidating before the next bullish run and some expected bearish market when BTC might finally lose support after weeks of trading at around $10,000.

However, bitcoin is up 6.59% on the day and 1.75% on the week, trading at $10,346 on September 3 Asia session.

Hong Kong-based margin trading platform Bexplus gives its users the ability to maximize the profits of cryptocurrency trading, with 100x leverage. Most of the traders still choosing spot trading due to its simplicity and lack of huge risks, but margin trading, which allows you to obtain higher returns with the same amount of investment, is becoming more and more popular.

How It Works

If you’d like to buy 1 BTC when it costs $10,000, on the fiat-to-crypto exchange you would need to pay the same amount of $10,000. When bitcoin price rises by 1% (making it cost $10,100) and if you’d like to sell it to secure the profit, you’d have made only $100 from your original $10,000. investment.

With 100x leverage on Bexplus you would only need to pay 1% to open the same trade: 100$ (0.01 BTC) to open a 1 BTC position. If bitcoin’s price rises by 1%, you still have the same profit of $100, but the amount of your investment is 100 times smaller.

Margin trading allows the lending of funds directly from the exchange. If, for example, an investor wants to invest $50,000 but their account balance is only $1,000, they could use 50x leverage. Bexplus offers 100x leverage, which is one of the highest in the industry.

Long and Short Positions

If you bet bitcoin on a long position with 100x leverage and the price goes up, the winnings earned will be hundredfold. Leverage multiplies profits (and risks too).

Short positions work in a similar way, but you are betting that the value of a given asset will decrease. For example, if you open a short position in Bitcoin with USD 10,000 with 100x leverage, and the price of Bitcoin falls from USD 10,000 to USD 3,000, you will get USD 700,000, compared to the USD 7,000 that would have generated without leverage.

Trading on Bexplus

Of course, leverage also carries greater risks, since you’re trading not only with your funds. Five percent price drop for a long position can result in technically -500% losses. To prevent this, investors can use instruments such as stop-loss orders (the opened position automatically closes if you’ve started to lose your funds).

Margin trading on Bexplus is a powerful instrument which can greatly harness the power of a given asset. Crypto continues to mature and gaining acceptance as serious investments (investors more and more look at bitcoin as a safe haven asset similar to gold). On Bexplus, you’re able not only to trade BTC, but also altcoins: currently available are ETH, LTC, EOS and XRP.

The trading is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the process of signing up is very simple and takes no more than 5 minutes. For more information, you can visit Bexplus official website to check trading rules and related announcements.

Bexplus Advantages:

– 100x leverage
– High liquidity (the rates are made up from data of world top 5 crypto exchanges)
– No KYC: we care about users privacy
– Low trading fees
Free trading simulator available: sign up and get 10 BTC for simulation account
– Built-in lending service: make a deposit and get annualized interest
– Friendly support (feel free to send a message if you have any questions)
– Trading available 24/7

100% Deposit Bonus: Double Your Opportunities

Bexplus always offer various promotion gifts for its users: now we grant each user with 100% deposit bonus. For example, if you deposit 1 BTC, you’ll get 2 BTC in total which can significantly improve your chances in trading. All the profits gained with deposit bonus can be withdrawn.

Start earning with Bexplus today!

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