IDValidation Awarded Social Security Administration Agreement to provide eCBSV services for resale

eCBSV is a service that stops 100% of Synthetic Identity Theft. The service will be marketed to the financial services industry and other “qualified entities” as defined by the SSA. / Computer Information Development, LLC is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Social Security Administration allowing it to resell Electronic Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (eCBSV). The roll out of this new service from SSA is currently scheduled for June of 2020 and the test phase will last for a period of six months. During the roll out period, the agreement limits the number of resale clients the company can take on to 20. Because of this restriction, the company is being very selective in offering the service to clients.

“eCBSV is an important addition to the suite of identity verification services that we are able to offer due to our government relationships,” said Paul Campione, IDV’s CEO. “Our vision is to provide companies with affordable tools that are easy to use and which end identity theft and employment fraud. eCBSV fits quite nicely with this vision.” In addition to the company’s relationship with the SSA, IDV also has agreements with the IRS and Department of Homeland Security.

“Our new electronic SSN verification service will help to reduce synthetic identity fraud by comparing data provided electronically by approved participants with the agency’s records,” said Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security Administration. “This will provide fast, secure, and more efficient SSN verifications for the financial services industry and customers using their services.”

For more information on eCBSV, contact IDValidation directly or by calling 262-885-6187.


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