Rise of Southeast Asia on the Fintech Radar

Senjo Group, Singapore based Fintech group, is in search for a joint investment opportunities in the region. In order to amass assets in a diversified portfolio of Fintech firm, the group is keen to provide exit route to the Venture Capital (VC) firms who want to opt out of their equity stake.

The management of the firm believes that the South Asia is at the cusp of technological breakthrough in the fintech space. In spite of challenges, the Gavin Lock, COO of Senjo Group, suggests that they might be a possibility for a large player in the region.

Some background about the Senjo Group

The group was founded in the end of 2015 in Singapore. As most of its founders belong to a corporate finance and payments background, the group’s core competencies are centered on three pillars. These are payments, lending and ventures.

Additionally, the group aspires to build a payment system at a global level. One of the group’s business, Kalixa is being operated successfully on the back of strong customer base and efficient operations. This success is due to the fact that Kalixa was able to solve one of the chronic issues pertaining to payment systems.

Further, one of the core strategy on which this business hopes to build its investment philosophy is the development of synergy within the varied portfolio of investments of different Fintech companies. On the accomplishments front, the company underpins its success to the execution of smart investments.

Within the portfolio, different companies ranging from gateways to fully licensed acquiring business that is a principal member of MasterCard. Moreover, they are also in the process of being regarded as B2B lending business.

The company’s management lauded the role Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is playing for the promotion of technological innovation in the financial sector. Further, one of the key executives of the company was of the view that the incumbent and prospective technological space is increasingly becoming more challenging as the Fintech industry as a whole is entering the maturity stage.

The concluding remarks of an executive left a ray of hope for the Southeast Asian region on the back of rising income, lower financial inclusion, mobility and immense talent.


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