North Carolina is in need of FinTech in local financial institutions

Ten More Recruitments For Queen City Fintech: North Carolina is in need of FinTech in local financial institutions like any other state right now, and the upholder of this demand is the startup led by Dan Roselli: Queen City FinTech.

Dan Roselli has an incredible record considering his position as an ex-executive in the Bank of America. Because of his reputation who was able to equip his startup with the best possible mentorship program, which added to the additions which can change the landscape of FinTech in North Carolina drastically.

The Cohort

As far as the recruitments made by Queen City FinTech are concerned, companies from Canada, Denmark, and Nigeria have joined in as 6 percent equity holders for $20,000. In the bigger picture, it needs to be noted that this partnership has allowed Queen City FinTech to expand itself into three new continents, and these companies can bring in more innovators in need of guidance, and ultimately more investment in the country.

Prospects with Queen City FinTech

In the words of Dan Roselli, the aim of Queen City FinTech is to become a hub for innovation not just in the banking sector, but also in financial technology for the state overall. The following capacities of Queen City FinTech define its ability to revolutionize North Carolina:

  • Critical analyzing skills which are honed by the mentors in the startup, who are associated with top organizations in the state and can provide the best industrial advice to upcoming startups and ideas in the financial sector;
  • Bringing up North Carolina as a hub of FinTech development in the country with the help of Silicon Valley and the new partnerships which are being made worldwide;
  • The FinTech Generations conference which is to be held at the end of the 12 weeks designated for the recruited members to establish themselves, which will bring in new investors in the countries wanting to hold a stake in it.

What Are the Chances of Success?

The success of Queen City FinTech can be foreseen by the fact that financial technology is an absolute need in the region. In addition, the pool of investors which it aims to target with its highly experienced associates in the field of mentorship and plan analysis brings a great opportunity to young individuals to use their creativity for a greater purpose. With the backing of the Bank of America, Ally Bank, Wells Fargo and more, Dan Rosseli can bring a great positive FinTech change.

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