Fintech Mobile Application Pockitapp Partners With Dwolla

A mobile app formed by Fintech named Pockitap; has the ability to convert change into a digital type for currency. It was founded by Matt Panzo and Steve Shamrock in the year 2016, to eliminate carrying loose change in your pockets. Co-founder Christian Chicles have a lot of experience while working for NASA and Cisco. This App is intended to provide an opportunity for its users to promote cash incentives, promotions of partnership and carry loose change effectively.

Recently Fintech App shared the news that it is partnering with the App Dwolla to provide banking integration services. Dwolla is an application which gives online payment in a secure manner and helps with ACH or Auto Clearing House transfers, also includes payments to the vendors. Pockitapp will allow Fintech to allow users to access all sorts of financial institutes rather than just one option.

Working with the Dwolla App allows the users to have some security, scalability and access to each type of financial organization, not limiting to one. The key to development this app was the sense of security while transferring money, especially for the clients which are growing on a fast pace, on a daily basis.

Christian Chicles who is the co-founder of the Application Dwolla, stated while talking about this app, “Dwolla’s philosophy regarding the value of digital infrastructure to securely exchange money was key in making the decision, especially in light of the billions in commerce processed annually for their many fast-growing tech company clients.” She also shared more information about the Application in further comments:

“Dwolla’s API is robust and extremely well designed. This, in addition to their super friendly staff, created a smooth integration that the entire development team enjoyed. It’s not often a development team looks at an API doc and is excited about integrating. Dwolla’s API did that for us, and, turns out it did not disappoint.”

Across the Central Florida, Pockitapp has planned to launch in the retail and food areas, among the local establishments. Customers that have a habit of collecting loose change will now be paying in cash and then get their change in a digital manner. This will cancel out the need of counting change, carrying coins or converting them to other forms of currency. This App is going to be used very easily with an existing POS or Point of Sale technology.

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